Currently in Development. A surrealist feature-length drama set on the island of Jersey. It's the perfect place to indulge in complete anonymity. 
Written and directed by Patrick Pearse. 1994, Ernest is a lone wolf living at one end of Gorey Row, a long line of picturesque houses on the stone embankment under Gorey Castle. Jersey is Ernest's sanctuary. He is known throughout the community for his alluring face and brash reputation. 
Ernest presents well, but on closer inspection, his shirts and suits are worn and threadbare. No one knows anything about him, and that distance, as Ernest sees it, makes people easier to leave behind...
His life is turned upside down when his abandoned daughter Chloe suddenly appears at his favourite drinking hole, twenty years after he disappeared, and she claims her mother is dead.
Chloe's innocence fades to reveal a cynical motivation for her arrival in Jersey. Ernest must navigate the foreign responsibility of parenthood while Chloe exploits his inner demons.